Being In a Relationship With a Non-Vegan

First dates can be tough. What are you supposed to do with someone who you barely know? One idea that is pretty fail safe is going out for dinner. What about if one of you is vegan? Being a vegan can be a pretty fundamental part of your identity. But as writer and vegan Elena Orde believes, it is completely possible to be happy with your partner even if they aren’t vegan, it’s just that communication is key. She said:. Whether it’s friends, a romantic partner, or someone somewhere in between, people who care about you should respect and support any lifestyle choices you make. Like any difference of opinions — be that about politics, sport, or food — being considerate of one another is a sure fire way to make a relationship successful. Writing on Meet Mindful, Sara Crolick offers the really simple suggestion of looking at menus before you go out for food so you know there will definitely be options of both of you.

6 Tips For Dating a Non-Vegan

Do you not care about that? Getting defensive is a basic human instinct. Naturally, the other person may feel intimidated and the protection instinct kicks in. You both will have to put in some work into your relationship.

51 percent of respondents admitted that they’d actively tried to convince their partner to stop eating non-vegan food. In terms of the quality of the.

While some dream of a vegan companion, others are happy as long their other half is respectful of their beliefs. From lifelong lovebirds, first dates or even just online dating, ten vegans told Totally Vegan Buzz tales of life dating an omnivore. I think meat-eaters have bad breath, besides the obvious obstacle of not sharing the same values and morals.

She eats mostly vegan at home. Be fussy who you give your heart to, core values have to match. Both had prayed for a vegan partner, and here we are! Happy, and so in love! You move in for the kiss only to smell dead fish, cows, chickens or pigs. Samhita Foria is a journalist at Totally Vegan Buzz with a penchant for novelty socks, veganising any recipe that comes her way and the colour yellow. As much as she tries she cannot stop writing about vegan food and her greatest talent is spending all her money on the latest vegan treats.

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Want to Date a Vegan? Here are the Best Plant-Based Apps, Sites and Meetups

Some couples become vegan together. Some vegan singles meet and revel in their shared philosophy and lifestyle. Some vegans would never choose to date non-vegans, and some non-vegans would never choose to date vegans. Fairly often, however, there are cases where vegans and non-vegans fall in love.

Living with a non-vegan partner won’t be easy at first. You both will have to put in some work into your relationship. You can try some or all of.

People are easily confused by my family. Veganism is a whole lifestyle for many, so elements of it will naturally drip feed into your relationship, such as cooking, eating out, buying ethical clothing. Any long-term relationship requires respect. Whilst your partner may not understand veganism, they can at least support your choice.

That means no bacon jokes, mocking veganism to the family, or moaning about your food well, unless it tastes really bad. It does mean being open to meeting halfway on topics and decisions. But, respect goes both ways. While you may not approve of people eating meat I feel your pain , you have to be able to accept the fact that your significant other may go vegan in 1 months time, 10 years time, or maybe even never. Living with a non-vegan partner definitely requires a few boundaries.

Confessions of a vegan girlfriend

Finding a compatible romantic partner is an age-old desire and one that comes with challenges, hopes, fears, and heartbreak — regardless of who you are, where you live, or how you eat. For vegans who want to date only vegans i. By the time you weed out potential partners based on age, location, gender, compatibility, etc. The obvious solution is to broaden our options by dating non-vegans, which comes with its own set of issues.

Join me as I share my own experience dating an animal-eater and why it was his character — not his behavior — that drew me to him and that eventually compelled him to become vegan.

Dating an Omnivore Only Works if They Later Turn Vegan but I’ve seen a fair number of stories where a non-vegan partner later “converted”.

Understanding and mutual respect are essential aspects of vegan dating. Both parties should let the other person eat what they want , as long as they give you the same respect. Share your other interests with your date and learn about his or her interests. As long as you have compatible personalities and share other interests, your food choices will only be a minor annoyance.

Your date should return the favor and accompany you to a vegan restaurant. If your date refuses to go because there’s no meat on the menu, it shows that the person is unwilling to compromise, even for a few hours. You may want to think about moving on if someone acts this way. Most vegans object to eating meat due to the suffering it causes animals, while others eschew it for health reasons.


Veganism: “A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals. I’ve gone out on a few dates here and there, and so far they all end in one of two ways: The guy was completely disrespectful of me being vegan Why dont you just have dessert?

Milk won’t kill you. Oh but cheese is so good!

Elena Orde debates the hotly contested topic. During my time in vegan-internet-​land, I’ve encountered the topic of vegans dating non-vegans.

Did you know that your version of Internet Explorer is out of date? To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend downloading one of the browsers below. Internet Explorer 10 , Firefox , Chrome , or Safari. Compatibility is tricky. But one often overlooked factor that is a total make or break for me is if a person is a vegan. A Match. Before I had the hard task of letting this one get away, he went vegan.

We now happily share a vegan household, and spend our weekends driving anywhere a vegan option needs sampling. But asking someone to lose the fedora is not quite as easy as asking someone to go against societal norms.

Vegans Tell Us the Highs and Lows of Dating Non-Vegans

It’s like an opportunity to spend a romantic weekend or long weekend of hanging out with incredible folks. Sometimes the best thing you can do as a guy to build meaningful friendships with women who share vegan dating non vegans interests, dreams and passions is to get the passion inside of you, not to mention a few drinks together.

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Dating a non-vegan doesn’t have to mean cooking two different meals every night. Ask your partner what their favourite meals, ingredients and.

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How To Make It Work When You’re A Vegan & Your Partner Isn’t

My wife really loves me. When we met over four years ago, I was vegan. For context, she is the unpickiest eater I’ve ever met.

So the question for me isn’t ‘is this dude/girl vegan? But dating a non-vegan also has it’s benefits – it challenges me and helps me get better.

Date who I just met : Yeah, the place is so cool. We should totally go there. I have had many partners who went vegan while we were in a relationship together, not because of me pressuring them or telling them they have to if they want to date me or anything like that, but because they said they actually got it and wanted to make that change and live more ethically themselves.

My last two partners went right back to consuming animals after we broke up. This indicates to me that they never actually cared about the impact their actions made on animals in the first place, and they just did it because they thought I would like them better if they did. Okay guys, so I need some advice…I started dating this guy and he is a nonvegan.

Am I a hypocrite for dating him? Am I compromising my values or just now realizing that my previous stance was too harsh? Should I remember that we were all nonvegan once and give him a chance? Or is that just settling and giving up?

Should Vegans Date Non-Vegans?

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